A.W.A.K.E.N (Prologue)

A.W.A.K.E.N (Synopsis)

“I’m begging on God that you’re always in His patronage, even every single step that you take, Dear.” Mrs. Laverty embraces Vela for the umpteenth time. This is the first year for Vela to continue her education in college and it makes Vela was forced to stay away from her family.

“Thanks, Mom. I’ll surely miss you every single day.” The voice that came out of her mouth sounds a little bit shaky. No. Vela shouldn’t cry, because this is the happiest moment in her life. Got a chance to continue education at her dream university with the scholarship that has been awarded, Vela should be feel proud.

Marigold University is the college that she craved since she was child. Vela promised to give her best, after graduate from Marigold University. Her decision makes she has to stay far away from her family. It’s very hard indeed. However, it’s all the consequences. Like the most girls out there, when they’ll split with their parents, they would cry all night. Imagine how if there’s a villain who intend to harm or the way to cook the soup when the winter comes, at least. It all happened to Vela. It has been almost a month now, Vela join Mrs. Laverty’s extempore cooking class. Although, not all of the recipes can be mastered. But at least, Vela can boil the water to drink when the winter comes.

“Okay, I think you should take a rest. Come on. Your new friends will be waiting inside.”

“It seems like i couldn’t leave you, Mam.” Vela stamped her foot several times, like a little girl who didn’t get a lollipop.

“You can—You can do it!” Mrs. Laverty smiled. She patted her youngest child and hope that her words made Vela is getting stronger. “You’ll face the real life, Dear. You have to be strong. You must getting used to all of this. I’m sure, your friends will definitely be nice to you.” She added.

“How if it’s not?” Vela asked, bitterly.

Mrs. Laverty is still smiling when she saw the alteration on Vela’s facial expressions. “I mean, I don’t know who are they. How it can be? You know what I mean, don’t you?” Vela explained the intent of her previous question.

“The house that has been leased for the students of Marigold University is big enough, right? There are lots of beautiful girls who same with you. You should be acquainted. Everything will be alright.”

Vela nodded, a sign that She understands everything. She smiled, then prepare to carry her suitcase and other belongings into the house.

“Lemme hug you for a while.” After hearing her mother’s obsecration, Vela immediately immersed into Mrs. Laverty’s embrace. So warm and cozy. It’s gonna be the most yearned things. Vela throw off her embrace slowly, and then stare exactly into Mrs. Laverty’s eyes.

“I’ll be back when I’ve finished this semester.”

“It’s still long enough, isn’t it?” Both of them are giggling. A moment later, Mrs. Laverty kisses Vela’s forehead before She enters the house’s front yard.

“Alright, See you soon, Mam.” Vela take the first step as she waved. In the meantime, Mrs. Laverty is still standing and looking at Vela from behind. Ensure that her daughter was going into the house.

I am, Vela Cazhara Laverty. Today is my first day to undergo the real life, Vela thought.


A/n: Hola! Zhara is back^_^ What do you think about this part? Are you curious with its continuation? *I don’t think so* Hahaha. Well, I’m so sorry for those syntax error, my bad english, bad sentences, my bad storyline, and I have to admit, i’m literally bad at everything. Oh, yeah. I’d love to hear your thoughts about this part—and next part. And If You’ve already read this part, make sure that you leave a comment below or you can contact me on my social media (via Twitter or Facebook). Being a good reader is the coolest thing ever!

(If one of The Filharmonic’s members read this FanFic… I don’t know what should I say anymore…Just…Ahhh, I love you, Guys. You’re Amazing) That’s all.
So, Guys. Keep Waiting for the next part!

See you later! 😀


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